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In 1910, the French fashion model Paris interview scene In 1910, the French fashion week street shot in Paris , Each year the world ‘s top brands will release the latest quarter of the latest fashion apparel, from 1910 Paris Fashion Week is the annual fashion feast, each time in a month have held more than 300 fashion show,’ fashion capital ‘in Paris Paul Poiret (Paul Poiret) by the ‘Arabian Nights’ impact of the design of a series of full of oriental flavor (Paul Poiret) was born in Paris, France fantasy fashion guru Paul Poiret [Paul] Paul Poiret [Of the costume If CharlesFrederic Worth created a precedent for advanced custom clothing, then born in Paris, France, fashion designer launched a high set of fashion revolution, the early 20th century, paul Poiret (paul Poiret) will be women Liberated from The waist for the clothing design provides a new way of thinking, he to a certain extent, the continuation of the Charles Frederic Worth ‘s design philosophy, the other elements into the fashion drama, and the development of the high fashion of the ancillary industry ‘ In fact, she is also lucky, because even if ‘Man living in a woman’ s body ” DVF has always said that he is a ‘living in a woman’ s body man ‘, even if she has many years later, the world Still miss her piece of the rage of the skirt The New site presents a Frenchstyle building with lines and illustrations,
coach outlet, combining bizarre scenes with physical store experiences In 2013, the cashmere manufacturer has been vested in the French luxury goods group LVMH (LVMH), the group with 2 billion euros to buy 80% of the shares

5 film debut, this time for the Chanel 2015 spring advertising blockbuster as a model There is an episode, before The Official website saw a cherry powder and raspberry red two colors, unfortunately,
cheap coach, two colors are out of stock Can enter the store to buy hand as a genuine fashion designer, Victoria has long been disdain and reality show star in addition to nothing to show off their wealthy housewives have nothing to do business, Today, Where she also need to use this cargo to bend , Create, type? VictoriaBeckham 2015 spring and summer series This year ‘s New York Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham 2015 spring and summer series once again get the fashion critics agree

MarieHélène’ s name followed From the grandmother Hélène van Zuylen, grandmother married in Dutch Roman Catholic van Zuylen family was born before The Salomon James de Rothschild Baron ‘s home In this way, the beautiful dyeing cloth came To everyone ‘s side ,
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