There is lots of information available on the internet about homeopathy, but the following may be useful to you:

The Society of Homeopaths is the largest organisation registering homeopaths in the UK. The Society was founded in 1978 to forward the development of the profession. Its aim is high quality homeopathic health care for all:

Find a Homeopath is a collaboration between the UK’s 4 largest registering bodies and provides information about homeopathy in general and what to expect from your consultation:

The Homeopathic Helpline provides quality information, tips, and resources about homeopathy and provides on-line and out-of-hours telephone consultations:

H:MC21 (Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century) is a charity promoting homeopathy, and aims to defend the right of people in the UK to choose homeopathy as a therapy within the National Health Service, as set out in its charter:

The British Homeopathic Association (BHA) promotes homeopathy practised by doctors and other healthcare professionals by providing information to the public about the benefits of homeopathy. It aims to fully integrate homeopathy into the healthcare system making it available as a treatment choice for everyone:

There is a growing research evidence base for homeopathy.  For details about new research studies you might like to start here:; http//

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